A Solution To Be Get Paid Without Third Person

Prashanth Naik (06 October, 2020)

Mr. Raghavendra is a district distributer who deals with the supplies of groceries, house hold items to the retailers and wholesalers throughout the district. Sometimes he has to send the goods to various places through bus and receives the money once the driver is back after delivering the goods. But it is unsafe to send or receive the money with the bus drivers. He also supplies the goods to the malls, to get paid he has to wait in a longer queue.

In order to overcome these problems, he has used the online payment mode. But it was not helpful for him due to the network issues in some areas. After meeting the Yuva Pay team he got to know about the application then he started to use Yuva pay app. Now he can be paid immediately after delivering the goods through the bank transaction and easily he is able to maintain the accounts of his transaction.

He overcame his problem through Yuva Pay because Yuva pay app can work with or without the internet in banking, payment transaction. So, there is no need of any third person to act as an intermediate, all the transactions and accounts are maintained transparently.